Brian Clevinger Managing Director, Prolog Ventures and The Yield Lab

photo of brian clevingerBrian L. Clevinger, Ph.D. is a managing director of Prolog Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focusing on life science start-ups and The Yield Lab, an agriculture technology accelerator.  He has had over 30 years of experience with all phases of commercial development of life science technology.  His experience includes working with university faculty to determine business potential of research programs, developing commercialization strategies and business plans, negotiating technology licensing agreements, raising capital and providing management leadership ranging from Board to CEO-level.  His investment activities at Prolog emphasize biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices and ag tech.  Either in his role as a venture capitalist or working for a venture capitalist, he has been involved in the funding of over 30 life science start-ups and has been an advisor to several more.

Before joining Prolog, Dr. Clevinger was the CEO of a biotechnology startup, Megan Health, formed by A/W Company, a partnership of the California venture capital firm, Alafi Capital, and Washington University.  He held this position from Megan’s inception in 1993 until its acquisition in 2000.  He was in charge of all aspects of its growth, including three rounds of financing that raised over $11 million in equity capital.  From 1987 to 1993, Dr. Clevinger was President and Chief Operating Officer of A/W Company.  Working with Washington University researchers, he identified projects with high commercial potential, evaluated markets, competition and other business factors and presented his analysis to Alafi Capital for seed funding.  Once a funding decision was made, Dr. Clevinger acted as an interim manager, conducted the search for a permanent management team and served as a Board member.   Before joining A/W Company, Dr. Clevinger held a tenured position at Washington University, the faculty of which he joined in 1980.  He earned his Ph.D. in immunology from Indiana University and was a NIH post-doctoral fellow at Washington University.

Dr. Clevinger has been active in a number of civic organizations concerned with the process of new enterprise creation. He has given numerous presentations on entrepreneurism and venture capital.  He serves on the executive board of the Center for Emerging Technologies and the board of the St. Louis Academy of Science.  He also serves on the board of the Family Forward, a non-profit organization combating chronic child abuse and the board of the Repertory Theater of St. Louis.

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