Chris Schooley Co-Founder, Troubadour Maltings

photo of chris cooleyChris Schooley had an extensive career in coffee starting in 1997 at Margie’s Java Joint in Greeley, CO. In 1999, he was hired by Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Chicago, IL where he managed their first retail location, eventually working his way into production and roasting. He then moved on to Metropolis Coffee in Chicago where he became the Director of Coffee Purchasing and Roasting. Chris was elected to the Roasters Guild Executive Council in 2008 and served as Chair for 2011-2012, and also worked for the Specialty Coffee Association in the field of Sensory Experience Design. In 2009, Chris moved with his family back to Colorado where he started working with Sweet Maria’s on creating a service working as a conduit between coffee farmers and small roasters called Coffee Shrub. After many collaborations with craft brewers he realized that there was an opportunity in that industry to make the same connections between Colorado farmers and brewers, and started Troubadour Maltings with Steve Clark here in Fort Collins. Troubadour has been in production now for the past 2 years and has provided Colorado grown and malted grains to a number of craft brewers and distillers throughout the country.

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